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Current Reports

In times of violence or calm

May 13, 2007

In times of violence or calm

My dear Newsletterites,

The violence in schools of recent months has led many to look for ways of identifying troubled people before they act out on themselves and others.

The American Association of Pediatrics
has a website that provides support for all ages.

Branched from the home page
are messages for specific groups:
--For Parents/Teachers
--For Students
--For Schools
--For Pediatricians

Of particular interest to me is the section of the students page that addresses stress management:

“For Teens Only” it reads. Then, in big print and clear language, it gives suggestions on how to deal with day-to-day problems faced by teens who are still living with their parents.

You may want to peruse the whole site, but, as the suggestion to teens says, you will want to break it down into little pieces.

Every section of the well-designed site is worthwhile. And the topics provide a fresh foundation for:

--writing prompts
--more advanced readings

This is a site parents and teachers may want to bookmark, and not just for use in times of crisis.

Be well,

La Vergne Rosow

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