La Vergne Rosow

Accessing the Classics is a guide that will allow the reader a leisurely look at each of the books shown and will help the reader identify where to start.

Critical Acclaim

“Much has been written on the subject of teaching the classics to children, young adults, and adults, but few authors offer insights into using the classics to improve reading skills. Rosow fills this significant gap in the literature by providing annotated lists of some of the best literature of all time, arranged by reading levels from from basic to intermediate and advanced. Major time periods, formats, and genres are represented. Entries contain partial plot summaries, ideas about how the books might be used, and ways in which alternate versions or formats provide support. Icons indicating the presence of illustrations, large print, "author pick," student favorite, and affordability further guide the reader or teacher to the right sources. The intended audience is wide-ranging and includes anyone who wishes to foster language and literacy skills.
Essential reading.”
Professional Reading

Accessing the Classics:
Great Reads for Adults,
Teens, and
English Language Learners

By La Vergne Rosow



Chapter 1 Myths and Legends
of Ancient Civilizations:
Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Beyond

Chapter 2 The Middle Ages

Chapter 3 Renaissance Literature

Chapter 4 The Romantic Movement
and the Victorian Age

Chapter 5 Modernism

Author/​Title Index

Subject Index

Accessing the Classics is a reference book for parents, teachers, tutors, librarians, reader advisors of all kinds.

It is also a fine resource for adults who would like to rediscover classical literature...
this time for pleasure.

Accessing the Classics provides author biographies, book reviews, historical anecdotes, and teaching ideas.

Accessing the Classics is a selected collection of books with notes about print size, illustrations, paper quality and other issues of concern to the reader.

Accessing the Classics leads the reader from Start Here editions clear through to Challenging texts with icons for easy identification.

While promoting the notion that authentic literature is usually far more enjoyable and enriching than simplified copies of classical literature, Dr. Rosow also gives clear reasons why some retellings are at once beneficial and enjoyable.

Selected Works

Classical Literature, Reference, Teen, Adult, and ESL Readers, Literacy, Annotated Bibliography and Teaching Ideas
Easy to Challenging titles will help those who want to discover or rediscover the books English readers have always loved.
Non-Fiction; literacy case studies; adult and family literacy
Theory-to-practice connections for pre-literate and low literate adults and children.
Reference and guide for teaching reluctant readers, new readers, and English language learners
This is a collection of great book titles sorted according to themes that appeal to adult and teen readers. Themes progress from picturebooks to challenging texts.