La Vergne Rosow

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Dr. Rosow's introductory sections are quite inspiring...This book may prove useful to teachers and community literacy volunteers alike. Certainly its theoretical background and educational philosophy should inspire and motivate all. - Orana, Journal of School and Children's Librarianship

The author shows educators how to promote more challenging reading and allow new readers to develop a broad literature base." - Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

For those who teach reading to adults and teens and have difficulty finding material that will stimulate interest, yet is simple enough for new readers, Rosow's annotated bibliography delivers...Recommended. - The Book Report

La Vergne Rosow has just created a perfect weld. Once welded together, the parts are forever changed.
Similarly, once a reader and a meaningful text have come together, there is another kind of weld that emerges. Yet, in the mind of the reader, the text will continue to flow, change, and weld with everything the reader experiences…forever.

Yet, sometimes--too often--little kids are forced to do word calling from artificial strings of words that have very little meaning. That teaches them that reading is BORING, when they haven't met a good book.

We must make sure our young spend their reading time with texts that will last a lifetime. What they read matters. What we read matters.

Rosow, a West Hollywood Book Faire Featured Author

"Essential reading.”
–Booklist/​Professional Reading

In Forsaken Hands: How Theory Empowers Literacy Learners

Widespread illiteracy and the failure to address it at the primary and secondary school levels galvanized Rosow into experimenting with her theory that learners must be taught individually, that a single method cannot be imposed on every student. . . . Her case studies document remarkable changes; the students design their own programs and learn to control their emotions.
—Publishers Weekly

Selected Works

Classical Literature, Reference, Teen, Adult, and ESL Readers, Literacy, Annotated Bibliography and Teaching Ideas
Easy to Challenging titles will help those who want to discover or rediscover the books English readers have always loved.
Non-Fiction; literacy case studies; adult and family literacy
Theory-to-practice connections for pre-literate and low literate adults and children.
Reference and guide for teaching reluctant readers, new readers, and English language learners
This is a collection of great book titles sorted according to themes that appeal to adult and teen readers. Themes progress from picturebooks to challenging texts.